Lines of programming code displayed on a computer display.

We create custom software to improve your company in every measurable way. Custom software solves many issues growing companies have.

First, let us be frank. Startups and slow growth companies should spend time and effort on funding, branding and training. Off the shelf software will most often work 'good enough for now' and will initially save money. You should seriously consider custom software at the beginning of the growth acceleration curve. When your company starts to hit it big, reporting, backups, fine tuning, labor and many more factors start to strain off the shelf solutions. Off the shelf solutions just cannot scale with a growing company. Having employees calculate thousands of excel lines to determine growth trends or just in time ordering is haphazard and bound to fail.

Authoring custom software unlocks a host of benefits. You can see in real time purchases, orders, shipping, employee management, training, well anything you want, the software is yours. While increased productivity, competitive advantage and increased reaction time are benefits of custom software; you must keep in mind that it takes a significant amount of time and resources to develop. Start developing a plan early.

A stronger case for custom software is that it improves the bottom line, profitability and value of a growing company. Do not read that last part too quickly. Custom software increases the monetary value of your company many times the cost of the software. Custom software is owned by you will grow with your needs. Ownership means no more licensing fees. Imagine if a well known software company closed down. What would happen to the proprietary software that you have purchased and relied on to get your company off the ground? Custom software means never having to rely on another company for your success.

Off the shelf software can only hope to achieve a mediocre status at best. The right software is a powerful tool in any organization.